Overgrown Towers

11 mins
solo electric guitar

Premiere: 19 January 2022
Lyric's Underground
Perth, Western Australia
Jonathan Fitzgerald - electric guitar

Programme Note

A recent documentary on the 1986 nuclear reactor disaster at Chernobyl showed how the city is now completely overgrown with trees and foliage. Whilst the Soviet-grey concrete, glass and metal are now in serious decay, plant life has flourished. Trees have taken root inside buildings sprouting up through the concrete floor making it difficult to tell where the town ends and wilderness begins. Overgrown Towers for solo electric guitar starts out with a single pitch tolling like an alarm bell. It then contrasts angular, rhythmic material with much freer plaintive music – all as a single line. At the halfway point, the individual notes are replaced with fully-fledged chords. The single notes are now stacked to form vertical structures. The starkness is now overgrown with lush tones from the harmonically-rich overdriven electric guitar.

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