15 mins
sop sax (& alto), percussion (vibr, glspl, susp cym) & piano

Premiere: 31 March 2021
Richard Gill Auditorium, Western Australia
Mix't: Matthew Styles - saxophones, Paul Tanner - percussion, Adam Pinto - piano

Programme Note

Mementi is an assortment of pieces for saxophone, piano and percussion – the title being a faux pluralisation of memento. There are five short movements that began as off-cuts and leftovers from other pieces I have written. I had in mind those containers that are often found around the home that are filled with things that can’t be thrown away: pegs, old coins, hairbands, screws, paper clips, keys to who-knows-what etc, etc, etc…………

Score and parts will be available soon from the Australian Music Centre

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