15 mins
sop sax (& alto), percussion (vibr, glspl, lge susp cym) & piano

Premiere: 31 March 2021
Richard Gill Auditorium, Western Australia
Mix't Trio: Matthew Styles - saxophones, Paul Tanner - percussion, Adam Pinto - piano

Programme Note

Mementi is an assortment of five pieces for a trio of saxophone, percussion and piano. The work began life as leftovers from older pieces of mine. These ‘off-cuts’ proved exceptionally fertile when I came back to them again. As far as the title goes, it is a faux pluralisation of the word ‘memento’. In most households you will find jars filled with trivial and mundane items that seemingly don’t belong anywhere, and at the same time can’t be thrown out. These bits and pieces consist of, but aren’t limited to: old coins, buttons, receipts, keys to who-knows-what, rubber bands, screws, hair clips, wires, stamps, batteries, Lego, fridge magnets, thumb drives, paper clips and so on. Just occasionally you might discover something that had been lost for ages and the sense of euphoria that follows is palpable





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