Indian Pacific

6 mins
II=glsp/tamb/hihat/2bongos/pedBD/small length of railway line-

Premiere: 1 April 1999
Perth Modern School Senior Orchestra
Perth Modern School
Christopher Sears, conductor

Programme Note

Composed in 1996, Indian Pacific is my first orchestral work – the title referring to the train journey across Australia of the same name. Ironically enough, I wrote the work when I was living in London and it may have been borne from a third-party perspective of life in Australia if not genuine homesickness. Indian Pacific is built around an unrelenting quaver rhythm that remains constant for most of the piece. It is scored for the usual orchestral forces but also includes piano and a large variety of percussion instruments. Amongst these is a small length of railway track that is played with metal beaters for that authentic train-spotting experience.

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