adjective PSYCHOLOGY
relating to the state immediately before falling asleep.

The music on this album was inspired by the moments between sleep and wakefulness. The album opens with Hypnagogia II. Listening to just the effects track when mixing, it sounded like a memory or dream of the existing guitar part. So we removed the guitar entirely, just leaving an 'imprint' of the original sound. It seemed like a perfect way to open the album - as if lulling into a dream-like state.

The album had its origins in 2017 when I recorded various drones using electric guitar through effects pedals. I wasn't sure how they would be used but the idea of making an album of electronic music was born. I originally thought it would be a purely electronic album, but some acoustic instruments snuck in there. like a grand piano and an incredibly old and out-of-tune upright.

Instruments used: Fazioli grand piano, Winkelmann upright piano, Fender Telecaster electric guitar, Moog Subsequent 37 synthesizer, Roland JX-3P synthesizer, Korg Monologue synthesizer, Arturia Drumbrute drum machine.

Mixing & mastering: Bob Scott, February - March 2020

Photography: Olivia Davies

Cover design: Finlay Cooper

Eye: mine

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