Devils on the Underground

10 mins
solo trumpet with electronics

Premiere: 7 July 2010
Sydney Conservatorium of Music
David Elton

Performance by David Elton


Written for solo trumpet with live electronics, Devils on the Underground explores pitches outside the normally equal-tempered scale, combined with samples and sonic manipulation of the live trumpet sound. All the sounds heard in the piece originate from the trumpet (specifically, David Elton’s trumpet), and are manipulated using Ableton's 'Live' software via a laptop computer.
The title for this piece was one that I had floating around in the back of my mind for a while. I enjoyed the imagery but originally hadn’t intended it to have a specific or literal meaning. It seemed to be a perfect fit however for a piece where incessant, devilish flourishes are manipulated into the low, subterranean spectrum.
Devils on the Underground was commissioned by and dedicated to David Elton.

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