Australian composer James Ledger

10 mins – vibraphone and live electronics
Premiere: 24 Nov 2010 – The Bakery, Perth, Western Australia – Callum Moncrieff

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Quickening for solo vibraphone and live electronics is a study on time and memory. I played a lot with tempo, echo, and pitch-bending to create illusions of time either passing or standing still. There are moments when the vibraphone part meshes with samples of itself that slowly bend pitch over a long period of time - akin to watching the minute hand on a clock. At other times, the vibraphone sound is processed with distant and distorted echoes of itself sounding like a vague or broken memory. Quickening was commissioned by Callum Moncrieff with funding from ArtsWA.

Performance of Quickening requires an Ableton patch, available upon request.

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